Book Review: Heat Wave by Richard Castle

I went through a period of my life when I read a large number of film and TV tie-ins, but it tailed off when I wasted days of my life reading a Murder She Wrote tie-in which was dreadful. However, I’ve been persuaded to go back to the TV tie-in thanks to my love of the ABC show Castle, starring Nathan Fillion as bestselling author Richard Castle who is shadowing homicide detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) for his new series of books about Detective Nikki Heat. This book, Heat Wave is the first in that series, written by ‘Richard Castle’.

Heat Wave in essence is the story of Beckett and Castle, but in this case they are Nikki Heat and Jameson Rook and as you read the book having watched the series you can hear Fillion and Katic as they spar over the body of a Real Estate tycoon. Matthew Starr has taken a header out of his apartment window, but was it suicide or murder? Nikki Heat tries to solve this complex case, involving art theft, loan sharks and trophy wives while New York is suffering through an unprecedented heatwave (ha ha!).

Given that this book is purely a piece of TV merchandise, it’s actually pretty good. I love reading crime fiction anyway and even without the Castle TV show tie-in, Heat Wave does stand alone as a novel. I wonder if perhaps with the subsequent novels they will be a bit freer as they don’t have to recap all our favourite bits of the TV show, but I have bough the next on my Kindle to see and I will report back!!

As a fan of the TV show I was already invested in this book, but was really pleased to find that it lived up to my expectations – and didn’t stray into the territory of that dreadful Murder She Wrote book *shudder*.

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