A Summer of Flavours from Ryvita

I’m getting to the age when I get nostalgic for an earlier time, like when a Mars bar was 20p and you got two Mojos for a penny, so when the lovely people at Ryvita asked me to try some of their new summer recipes I was happy to. You see, I remember when Ryvita came in two varieties: Cardboard and Hessian, which is in total contrast to the wide range of varieties they have nowadays.

To celebrate the release of Ryvita’s new Hint of Chilli and Mediterranean varieties and also the start of Summer (I’m sorry, I was just laughing a bit at the reference to summer), Ryvita has teamed up with chef Mark Sargeant to create some delicious new recipes just perfect to top the iconic crispbread and out of the recipes I was sent I decided to try Spiced Potted Crayfish Tails and Watercress on new Hint of Chilli Ryvita.

Ryvita Hint of Chilli with Spiced Potted Crayfish Tails and Watercress

8 Ryvita Hint of Chilli
75g Butter
1/2 tsp Cayenne Pepper
1/2 tsp Ground Nutmeg
1/2 tsp Ground Mace
250g Crayfish Tails, peeled and cooked
2 Drops of Tabasco
Salt and Black Pepper

1. Place the butter in a pan to melt with the cayenne pepper, mace, nutmeg and Tabasco.
2. Once melted, add the crayfish tails.
3. Stir well over the heat and season.
4. Place the crayfish tails into a large bowl and chill in the fridge for an hour.
5. Remove from the fridge and allow to come up to room temperature, then mix to incorporate the spiced butter.
6. Serve on Ryvita Hint of Chilli crisp breads with watercress and lemon wedges.

A very simple recipe as you can see, but the one problem I had was sourcing crayfish tails, so I used King Prawns – hopefully they are similar enough! The spiced butter was really tangy and I was surprised at how much heat only 2 drops of Tabasco added to the mixture. The Hint of Chilli Ryvita crispbreads were aptly named too as they had just a bit of warmth to them, but weren’t overpowering.

This was a great recipe for 3-4 people having a light lunch, but I was also sent a sweet recipe, Banana, yogurt, honey, basil and passion fruit, to try with the Fruit Crunch Ryvita (my favourite ones) and I shall definitely be trying that too.

The new Hint of Chilli and Mediterranean Ryvita crisp breads are available at your major supermarkets and for more seasonal ideas do check out their website as they have loads of recipes that you can try and comment on.

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4 Responses to A Summer of Flavours from Ryvita

  1. Lindy says:

    mmm that does look yummy!

  2. Ooh I didn’t know there were any new flavours. I bought the sesame seed ones today, but I fancy trying the hint of chilli ones now 🙂

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