Re-Kindle Your Reading Mojo (boom boom!)

So it’s now been seven months since Mr W bought me a Kindle for Christmas and I have to say I’m loving it. With this in mind, I thought I’d share the love and run through a few things I’ve learned since having it and also give you a few book suggestions to enjoy.

My first big tip is, to avoid annoying your loved one while reading in bed, get a Kindle case with a light on it. This is the one I have and it was a real bargain at £14. The Kindle (or at least my model) isn’t back lit, so you will need illumination and this may avoid a grumpy partner (or not…).

When you’ve had your Kindle a while, you might want to check that it has the correct software version on it. I didn’t realise that you could update the software, but you certainly can just by going to the Kindle page on Amazon’s site, selecting your model and then following the very simple instructions. Now, there does come a moment when you think that your books aren’t going to reappear, but they do – trust me…

There are zillions of places to get free Kindle books and a simple search of Amazon’s site will reveal loads of them, but I have joined a Facebook group where the lovely members post often with books that are currently free. It’s called Kindle Fr-ebooks UK and I’ve downloaded dozens of titles from here – just to get round to reading them now!

So, books then. The first book I read on the Kindle was The Hunger Games and all critique of the book aside (I’ve done that here) it was brilliant to think ‘I want to read that’ then just download it and read away. It was also a snip at £2.70 for that book and the two other parts of the trilogy were similarly priced, so they were, in fact, the first three books I read on the Kindle.

If you fancy revisiting the classics, there are dozens and dozens on there for free – I’ve so far downloaded Lorna Doone, Villette, Les Miserables and Middlemarch to name but a few. This is a really cheap way to look back at those boring old novels you studied in school and work out whether they were rubbish because you a) were young hip and trendy b) had a crap English teacher (putting my hand up here…) or c) just didn’t find they were your bag. Hey, if it’s C, then that’s what the ‘delete’ key is for.

So there you have it, I hope that’s been informal, yet informative. I have to hold my hands up and say I’ll never fully get rid of books – I love them too much and they smell gorgeous (even when they’ve been sat in a charity shop for a month) but the Kindle is a nifty little device that – let’s face it – is easier to fit in your handbag than two volumes of War and Peace!

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  1. Boysmum2 says:

    I too love my kindle, didn’t know about the updating, so will investigate that further. I do have a case with a light, got it at the same time as buying the kindle and I have used it at 4am when hubby sleeping and me awake, lit the page beautifully for me to read and never woke hubby. Awesome device would be lost without it now, although way to easy to download free books I have 45 waiting to be read!!

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