One GIANT leap for a small boy…

So, we’re doing nicely with the summer holidays, not too bored, weather fairly good, activities ok so far so all generally positive. The one thing that plays on my mind, however is that my little boy going to school is getting nearer and nearer. Now, I know in my rational mind that this is no problem – he really enjoyed his introductory afternoons and keeps asking when he’ll be going to big school, so no worries at all on that score. But – my baby is going to school!

I can’t quite fathom how this has come about so quickly – I know it’s the cliche-est cliche of all cliches but it seems like only yesterday that he was a non-talking, non-walking puke machine and now he’s four, won’t be quiet and refuses to stay where I put him.

So, I have accepted the inevitable: school will be happening on 5th September so we’d better prepare. I’ve been pretty good and got myself a checklist of things I have to do – the first of which was taking his birth certificate to the school and whilst there purchasing a book bag and PE kit bag. Mission accomplished, hurrah!

The uniform for our lad’s new school is an attractive green/grey combo, which is the same uniform (though not the same school) as I had when I first went to school, although for some inexplicable reason some popular stores only do the bottle green jumper as a special order item, not a regular, off-the-shelf jumper which seems bonkers given the popularity of the colour. But anyway, anyway the uniform list is as you’d imagine – white polo shirts, grey trousers, green jumper (one with logo from the special school uniform shop – tsk!) grey socks, black shoes. Nice and, as it turns out (apart from the jumper), fairly easy to get hold of in the end. I did shop around for the various bits and used discount codes where I could, making it quite economical – hopefully he won’t grow too quickly and we’ll get a good amount of wear out of it all!

The uniform market seems to be quite competitive this year, so I may have another look at the selection of school uniform from Tesco and buy up a few sizes. I mean, when you’re looking at around £15-£20 for an entire uniform then why not plan ahead? It would certainly make a change for me!

So, I’m sure you’ll hear much more bleating, moaning and wailing from me as the big day gets nearer, after which I will wonder what all the fuss was about and embrace my almost child-free time. Either that, or my son will be ‘that kid’ and I’ll be expecting a note home… hmmm.

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