Meal Planning Monday – 13th August 2012 – #MealPlanningMonday

I’m back after several weeks of dithering with food – another hospital stay for Mr W and various social things and relatives visiting has put me reet off, but I’m trying again to get some semblance of organisation in our lives…

I’ve listed our plan for this week with no days as I’ve just not yet decided which day we’ll have the stuff on, it entirely depends on what looks the most ropey in the fridge. Having said that, we did have the Pork with rarebit topping tonight, which I really enjoyed. It was a recipe from the Asda magazine that I’ve kept (I have hundreds!) but although the recipe said to use mature cheddar, I had some Port Salut knocking about so decided to use that and it was blimmin’ lovely. The kids weren’t keen and neither was Mr W, so we might not be having it again any time soon, but such is the nature of a picky family!

Pork Steak with Rarebit Topping
Spring Green and Feta Pie
Pasta Carbonara (my style!)
Turkey Kebabs
Fishcake and Chips
Gammon, Jackets and Salad

The spring green and feta pie is also out of the Asda mag, but it’s basically a traditional Greek spanakopita but with greens instead of spinach – this one may also be dodgy with the kids, so I’ll have a standby and as the turkey kebabs involve veg, I may be on a hiding to nothing with those too, but we’ll see.

Other than that, there’s our traditional leftovers and gammon etc which I know they’ll eat at least!

Why not rock on over to At Home with Mrs M for some more foodie ideas?

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  1. Emma says:

    A lovely mix. Yum to the gammon ! 🙂

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