Making the Summer last a little longer…

I don’t know if you’ll agree, but this summer has (despite the poop weather) seemed really long to me – starting off with the Jubilee and running through the Olympics, with loads of Football, Tennis and Formula 1 in between, it’s been jam packed. With the kids at home I’ve certainly not had time to put my feet up, but I might take a few moments, before the frenzied sport-watching kicks off again with the Paralympics, to have myself a bit of a summer treat.

You’ll know if you’ve read ole bloggy for a while that I’m a preachy advocate of Rachel’s, the organic yogurt company, and their new, limited edition flavour has summer running right through it.

Rachel’s Limited Edition indulgent Strawberries & Cream yogurt is the patriotic choice for all you sports fans this summer – adorned in the Team GB colours, its creamy strawberry-ness is delicious on fruit, scones, baked into fairy cakes or even – dare I say it – perfect on it’s own, straight from the pot! It’s also crammed with plenty of delicious organic strawberries for a bit of extra bite.

Alternatively, if you’re watching the calories this summer, Rachel’s has a growing range of low-fat options to try. Why not try tangy Strawberry & Rhubarb on a summer pudding, or Peach & Passionfruit in a smoothie – the options are endless and ridiculously moreish!

So why not try something new this summer or, why not indulge in one of Rachel’s old favourites (the coconut is my very special favourite)? The full range is listed on the Rachel’s website and fully available from wide range of supermarkets.

Righto – that’s my five minutes up, how long til the Paralympics??

Note: I was provided with Rachel’s Limited Edition Strawberries & Cream Yogurt and a selection of other flavours to try. All opinions are, however, my own – I really am an actual Rachel’s lover!

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