Begone Ye Evil Devil!

Ok, so this probably seems pretty funny given that my last post was a review of chocolate, but that is partly the resaon that I’ve decided to institute another chocolate ban. I did try this earlier in the year, quite successfully but I’ve slowly gone back to old ways and my waistline and purse are the worse for it.

So – I have decided and hereby decree that I will eat no chocolate until Christmas and, depending on how I feel about it, might roll it over into the new year – New Year, New Start and all that!

I will crack this food thing eventually, and then I guess the exercise thing goes hand in hand with it. My plan, so far, is that I’ll try and grab whatever exercise I can – walks and such – until after half term and then, since my Little Lad will be starting preschool, I’ll use some of these new child-free hours to exercise. There are lots of things I could do – I used to swim a lot, so maybe I’ll do that. I have also been thinking that I’d like to try running, that maybe I’ll set my sights on the Race for Life next year and actually run it, instead of walking and coming practically last!

These are my plans – I hope I have the will for them, but my form in this area is sketchy at best…

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