My Baby is at School (hoooorrrraaaaayyyy!)

OK, so it is a big step, your first born going to school, but am I alone in having shed zero tears on his first day? I was warned to take tissues with me, but remained dry-eyed, as did he. Are we an odd family??

I have to say I was expecting this as, when Biggest Boy first went to preschool he went straight in and barely looked back – in fact on one occasion he saw me through the window as I came to collect him, his shoulders sagged and he said ‘Oh No!’ and even on his school welcome afternoon he didn’t even say goodbye and just ran straight in. Absolutely bloody charming!

This lack of tears has left me wondering if I’m somehow doing it wrong. Am I a bit heartless in that I’m actually EXCITED that he’s at school? It’s not that I wanted to get rid of him, and I have had the odd moment of thinking about the things we won’t be able to do in term time anymore, but I’m excited to find out what he’s good at, what he enjoys, how he will learn and – dare I admit it = how he stacks up against other children. I mean I don’t know do I? I think he’s bright and articulate, but is he as clever as I boastfully think he is, or is he just like me; clever enough to cope with learning stuff, but certainly not a straight A student?

All these things are to come I guess, and we’ve only just got past week one, but so far it’s all good.

I can’t vouch, however for how I’ll be when my littlest baby goes off to preschool after half term as I’ll be all on my own and for the past four and a bit years that’s been…rare. Ask me about all this again in November ;0)

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4 Responses to My Baby is at School (hoooorrrraaaaayyyy!)

  1. Kirsty says:

    I think it obviously helps when they aren’t upset. I don’t think you are abnormal at all. Just both very ready for some independence. Will however check on you in Nov to find you partying and making Mr Novelli’s recipe!

  2. Rover's aunt says:

    Very well written post Stacey. You are a great Mother and have prepared TLBD well for school and he is just excited. Better that he is happy to go and not cry, shows he can handle change and has confidence! You and Rover are great parents and both your boys are a credit to you xxx

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