A Sweet Christmas Idea? A Review of TreatHim.com

My husband baffles me. In many ways which I won’t go into here, but mostly in terms of what gifts to get him, as he truly seems to be the man who has everything he wants. My enquiries as to gift options are met with shrugs, or a few minutes of consideration and then a shrug, leaving me at a loss.

I did, however, think I was onto a winner when I was asked to review an item from the gift service TreatHim.com – I was given carte blanche on their catalogue and I think I was quite honest here in that I could’ve gone to town and demanded the luxury Paris day trip, or the Supercar driving experience, I actually chose something I knew he would – and he did – appreciate; the retro sweetie hamper.

This is what arrived at our house:

Do you remember all of those treats of yesteryear? Based on the rate that they disappeared, Mr W certainly did and certainly enjoyed every one!

The other reason I chose this hamper was, as with many of TreatMe.com’s gift options, they can be personalised for the recipient and also tailored to a specific occasion – be it birthday, anniversary, Christmas or just because, it’s quick and easy to do on the website. At £38.50 the hamper is certainly not the cheapest gift you could buy, but you do get your money’s worth in sheer quantity of sweets. There was loads to choose from in there; sweetie necklaces (my favourite), Parma Violets, Double Dip, cola bottle, Fizz Whizz, Double Lollies, Rainbow Drops and so many more I can’t even name them all. Ooh, fried eggs too.

As the sweets also come in the straw hamper, when they’re all eaten you then have a cute little picnic hamper to use afterwards, so a double win.

Like I said, we were very happy with the hamper, but TreatHim.com has a wide range of gifts to suit any budget, from a Mr T tankard at £7.99, right up to a luxury theatre break for £500.

We used TreatHim.com, but if you’re looking for a lady gift then take a look at TreatHer.com for a more feminine slant on things!

Note: We received the Retro Sweetie Hamper for review but the opinions expressed, and my baffling husband, are my own.

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