Holy F**k – I think I’ve Joined the PTA…

Well, that about says it all. There was a meeting today about the PTA and, since younger children were welcome (I managed to get Mr W to babysit though) and I want to make sure I’m being supportive of Biggest Boy now he’s started school, I thought I’d go along; my friend was going too so not too much of a stress.

I think, however, I was a little bit naive in thinking that there would be a hall full of eager parents volunteering their services, so I could just sit quietly at the back and perhaps offer to stuff some envelopes. Oh no. No, no, no. There were twelve mothers there and three members of staff and so while I thought I’d just volunteer for something nondescript, I think I’ve put my name forward to be PTA secretary (jointly with my friend, but still). Considering that as I left the house my husband said ‘don’t volunteer for anything’, I can see that I might have to smile sweetly at him from time to time…

So, I shall keep you updated as to my progress in the PTA that I have accidentally joined, but any tips and tricks would be very greatfully received!

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