Book Review: Bones Are Forever by Kathy Reichs

You’ll know if you’ve been reading the blog a while that I have read all of Kathy Reichs’ Temperance Brennan books and really enjoy them – well most of them, a couple have not been to my taste exactly – so I had Bones Are Forever on preorder and eagerly set about reading it when it arrived and I have to say that initially was really disturbed by it.

The novel begins as Temperance Brennan and her colleagues in Montreal recover the body of a dead baby that has been stuffed behind a vanity unit. As they examine the apartment, they discover more babies hidden. The most disturbing part is that there is clear evidence that these babies have been killed on purpose and concealed. The hunt is then on for their mother, a hunt that will take Tempe and former lover Detective Andrew Ryan to Edmonton and desolate Yellowknife, where they will discover that the babies are merely collateral damage in a higher-stakes game.

So the baby part really upset me – I know this was the designed response, but I did have to put the book down for a few days as my imagination did terrible things to me where those babies were concerned. After that, when the story moves away from the babies, Bones Are Forever is much more like the previous Tempe adventures; action, peril and Tempe managing to always fall down on her face!

I love the Brennan books as they have the right amount of scientific method, without it getting in the way of the plot. Tempe uses a range of forensic techniques to get to the truth and they are all written in an interesting – although I’m sure simplified – way. I can’t claim to be scientifically gifted, but I have looked up a great deal of the techniques from the books, just to see if they’re real and I have actually learned something *it’s a miracle*.

Although, as I said, I was a bit upset by some of the subject matter here, it shouldn’t be shied away from as it does happen, so it’s certainly not put me off joining Tempe on her next adventure!

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