Why-Mo Must I NaNoWriMo?

See what I did there?? After promising that I wouldn’t touch NaNoWriMo with a bargepole this year (I sign up every year and do nowt) I have, again, signed up. What’s different this year is, I guess, that I feel like I have something I want to write and I have actually done some prep i.e. written down bits I’ve had in my head for months.

So, in the spirit of good intentions (and ignoring the fact that I have some social things on and two kids to traipse after) I am going to say that I don’t intend to blog in November, aside from some bits I’ve promised (so will schedule beforehand) and perhaps a weekly update on my progress. This may, of course lead to the blog going to crapola, but I really can’t do everything.

Any of you going for NaNo this year? If so, my username on the site is svmitche, please do feel free to add me as a buddy :0)

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