Meal Planning Monday – 22nd October 2012 – #MealPlanningMonday

Oops, I’m late posting this, but at least it’s still Monday eh??

Not a bad week last week, all of the food went down pretty well with most, although youngest child seems to have decided not to eat ANYTHING apart from junk. Eldest child has, on the other hand, decided he now likes lettuce, sweetcorn and carrots, so not altogether bad!

Of last week’s Gordon Ramsey-inspired menu, the Pork Sliders were really nice. I normally crucify any burgers I make due to food poisoning paranoia, but these mini burgers genuinely only needed 1-2 minutes each side in a hot pan and they were cooked to perfection. My Paul Hollywood rolls to put them in were tasty, but need a more uniform shape to avoid spillage.

Gordon’s sweetcorn fritters were ok, but I think need experimentation as my version was a bit too battery with not enough filling. Worth another go in the future due to all the veg in it, but not quite satisfying on this occasion, but eldest son did eat them all without complaint, so a small vote of confidence!

Yesterday’s roast dinner was brilliant – even if I do say so myself – gorgeous roast chicken, veg, yorkshires, gravy – deeelicious. I thik I should make more of an effort to fit a proper roast in every week.

Having said that, this is what we’ll be eating for the coming week:

Homemade Pizza
Chicken and Waffles
Fishcakes and Mini Rosti
Burgers/home made buns/salad
Chicken & leek pie

Nothing as adventurous as last week, but I will be having another go at the homemade pizza as it was such a delicious hit last time and I’m still shocked at how simple it is to make pizza dough.

For more marvellous morsels, take a look at At Home with Mrs M.

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6 Responses to Meal Planning Monday – 22nd October 2012 – #MealPlanningMonday

  1. Yummy what a delicious menu. Love waffles! x

  2. Waffles! Haven’t had those in years (assuming you mean frozen potato waffles and not ones you’ve made yourself!)

  3. Yay for homemade pizza, it’s great isn’t it? I cheat even more and use the breadmaker for the dough…

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