Holiday Plans – What Am I Looking For?

New Year, new start and all that and in the deep, dark winter, I’ve started having a look at plans for the summer. You might know that we’ve had a bit of a funny year in 2012 what with illness and one thing or another, so never did manage to take our holiday, so I’m currently ogling holiday websites to, hopefully, grab a bit of sunshine this year.

Family.kidsI think pretty much we’ll be staying in the UK, or maybe Europe at a push, but I’m not sure yet what type of holiday we’ll take, mainly because the children are at that tricky, in between stage where I still think they’re a bit too young to participate in kids clubs, but also they are desperate to roam a bit more, so would it really be a holiday for us at all if we’re doing all the same things that we do at home, just in another place?

The range of holidays is so vast these days, self-catering, all-inclusive, holiday villages, apartments, villas etc etc, so I guess I’m asking for a little advice – what do you look for in a family holiday? Do you go straight for kids clubs, or do you keep your kids with you all the time? Is is better for Mum to cook in self-catering or is full-board a realistic option for your little ones?

All advice gratefully received as my ‘putting a deposit down’ finger is getting twitchy ;0)


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