Book Review: The Secret Supper Club by Dana Bate

Secret Supper Clubs are quietly taking over the world, so it was only a matter of time until we had a novel about one and, like one of the very clubs she writes about, Dana Bate adds just the right dose of intrigue and romance to her novel, The Secret Supper Club, to keep us interested.

Secret Supper ClubHannah Sugarman works for an economics think tank in Washington DC, but her career couldn’t be further away from her dreams, for Hannah would rather be elbows-deep in a mixing bowl, producing one of her famous carrot cakes than churning out papers on the financial crisis. She isn’t helped, however, by her family, friends and even her boyfriend, Adam, who all think she should be concentrating on serious things and not mere cookery.

After Adam ends their relationship, Hannah is suddenly looking for a place to live to hide and recover and seemingly rents the perfect basement flat from Blake, Director of Communication for a Florida Congressman. Prompted by her friend and bearing in mind the spirit of new beginnings, Hannah decides to set up a secret supper club to show off her culinary skills and, perhaps, gain a little confidence along the way. There’s only one problem – she’s running her club out of her Landlord’s flat and he has no idea…yet.

I challenged myself to read 45 books this year, and I managed it partly through reading books like this one. Although it’s not short I was able to whizz through it as Hannah and her compadres are such easy characters to read about. Hand on heart, you do have to say that you can see the ending coming from a mile away, but this makes the novel no less charming and readable, in fact, Hannah is such a likeable character that you can see her blundering into these impossible situations and just want to shout at her all the things that are going to go wrong!

Nevertheless, this is a fun book and the dishes Hannah makes sound just delicious, which makes is very exciting that, as a treat, Dana Bate has included recipes of the dishes Hannah makes for the supper club at the back of the book. The carrot cake is a definite goer for me and the inclusion of the recipes is a really nice touch.

I can heartily recommend the book and I noticed that today (1st Jan 13) that it is included in the Amazon UK ‘12 Days of Kindle‘ promotion for a mere 99p. Apologies if you’re reading this next April as, obviously, that rate will no longer apply…

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