Book Review: The Fast Diet by Dr Michael Mosley & Mimi Spencer

Back in summer 2012 I watched a Horizon programme hosted by Dr Michael Mosley, called Eat, Fast, Live Longer and as it progressed I was more and more interested in the concept it described, that of fasting a few days a week by reducing your calorie intake (to 500 cals for a woman and 600 for a man), then eating normally the rest of the time. Although this had some benefits for losing and managing weight, there was also a lot of other health benefits described, including improvements in memory – albeit mostly identified in lab mice!

As a serial dieter, I was interested to try anything that might let me lose some weight, without a complete change to my lifestyle and tastes. I have done many diets, some successfully, but always find myself slipping back as they all make a distinction between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ food. This diet makes no such distinction and gives you the benefit of the doubt that as long as you know a ‘feed’ day is coming up, a ‘fast’ day doesn’t seem like such a struggle.

the-fast-diet-bestseller-coverOk, so that’s fine, and back in the summer I started doing the plan and lost about a stone in weight, but then I reached a plateau and didn’t seem to be able to get any further even though I was doing what I thought was the right things. As it turns out, after reading The Fast Diet: The Secret of Intermittent Fasting, I was partly doing it right, but not quite. What I was doing was having my reduced calories, but I was spreading them out all through the day, so grazing my way along. What I should have been doing was having breakfast, then going straight through without food until my evening meal.

I have started the diet afresh, and have to say that actually it’s a lot easier than it might sound, I kept myself going with tea, coffee and water, then could barely eat all my evening meal! I’ll be making regular updates on my progress, so please do follow along.

So the book. I have to say that, although it did steer me right, this book is the classic example of what happens when an idea suddenly gets popular so the publisher rushes the book out, in that there are lots of typos, spelling errors and what-have-you but overall this doesn’t detract from the easy to read, relevant and useful information inside. Dr Mosley covers the science bit then Mimi Spencer covers the diet from a lifestyle point of view. Both have done the diet successfully, so know what they’re talking about and they also welcome feedback and user experiences on the book’s website. There are also lots of menu ideas and calorie charts at the back of the book which is really useful.

If you fancy a go at intermittent fasting then you can’t go far wrong buying this book.

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