My Own, Personal Fat Club

I’ve decided I am going to be brave and catalogue my latest and greatest effort to not be fat here. I often debate joining a slimming club as I have had success with them in the past, and need to be beholden to someone to keep me honest with what I’m eating. Trouble is I don’t really like them – I find my self envious of those that are doing well and resent getting ‘tips’ from other members of the group. I don’t know why this is, as people are only trying to help, but there we are, my warped little brain does these things to me!

So, here I am, about to embark on The Fast Diet, but doing it properly this time after reading the book. I’ve not yet taken my measurements (something I’ll have to enlist hubby for!), but have weighed myself and here are my ‘magic numbers’:

Starting Stats:

Weight: 17st 0.2lbs
BMI: 37.4
Body Fat %: 37.9

Yikes! This is a bit shocking in that I have put on about 2 stone from my lightest weight in adulthood about 2 years ago, but there is a ray of light in that I am 3 stone under what I was at my heaviest, so it’s not all bad news I feel.

Today has been my first fast day of the week and it’s been good. I’ll report back in detail for the whole week next Monday, so do stay tuned.

Aside from the food, I do have some exercise plans, but I have to wait until my sports bra arrives to get started – it’s going to be hard enough without injuring my boosies…

Onwards and upwards!

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5 Responses to My Own, Personal Fat Club

  1. Michelle says:

    Very brave post, good luck. Shout if I can be a supportive friend x

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  3. Steph West says:

    As Michelle said, a very brave post. Good luck, I know you can achieve it. The one thing I’ve really learnt recently is not to beat myself up over little set backs or bad days (I tend in that instance to just go ‘to hell with it’ and give up) and am now continually making steady progress. If there’s any support I can give (pretty good at the exercise programming bit!) you know where I am. xx

    • Stacey says:

      Thanks Steph – I know what you mean, one slip and it’s all to pot! Hopefully as a feeding day is only ever ‘tomorrow’ it’s a bit easier to stay honest!

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