My 5:2 Diet Journey, Week 1. #52Diet

Evening All! I’ve come to the end of week 1 of the 5:2 diet, so now is reckoning time.

This week’s stats:

Weight: 16st 12.6lbs
BMI: 37.1
Body Fat %: 35.6

So, a weight loss of just under 1.5 pounds compared to last week, but looks like an almost 2% loss of body fat – although I presume that a) my body fat scales are not the best available model b) a lot of that was probably water! Not a massive start, but a downward trend nonetheless.

The week wasn’t too bad, on both days I had a yogurt and an apple for breakfast, coming in at 146 calories, then salmon or pork with salad for dinner. I’m one of those who can’t drink tea without milk, so I sacrificed some calories to two teaspoons of milk in two cups of tea. I came in at just under 500 calories on both days, so I was happy with it and missing lunch wasn’t too bad while I was keeping busy, but I did get the odd hunger pang which I swiftly dispatched with a large glass of fizzy water. What was a bit difficult for me though was the headache I had nearly all day Thursday. I wonder if I didn’t drink enough water that day, but I had to go to be really early as it was painful to keep my eyes open. If you’re doing the diet too, have you had the headaches at all?

This coming week is much the same, although it is half term, so the temptation is greater, but I think the week after will be better, as I have received my sports bra, so can now start my exercise programme. I am going to try Couch to 5K, but am still petrified and embarrassed about attempting to jog where people might see me. I might have to drive out somewhere where I won’t see people I know or something!

So there we are again. Tune in next week for, hopefully, further weigh loss excitement (Woot!).

Incidentally, if you’re also following the diet, do comment and let me know what’s working for you.

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2 Responses to My 5:2 Diet Journey, Week 1. #52Diet

  1. Cath says:

    I’ve heard a lot of people get headaches when starting the diet. I believe it improves after a while, but do try & drink loads of water. Try herbal teabags like lemon & ginger or peppermint – zero calories I think, but still a hot drink. Recently I’ve been having a slice of fresh ginger in boiled water – also zero calories!
    Good luck! Xx

    • Stacey says:

      Urgh! Herbal teas *gag* sorry, I can’t stand them! I tend to drink lots of cold water, but hot water and lemon is quite nice :0)

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