My 5:2 Diet Journey, Week 2. #52Diet

Hello again, a rather disappointing update this week.

This week’s stats:

Weight: 16st 12lbs
BMI: 37
Body Fat %: 35.5

Just a mere 0.6 of a pound down, but I wondered if this was perhaps down to what Slimming World coyly call a ‘Star Week’ and I think that may be it, so I am not going to be gloomy about it and have already had a good Monday fast day this week, and since I wasn’t too hungry I was actually at only 438 calories for the day. I also didn’t each much on Saturday as I was at Who Do You Think You Are? Live! and didn’t really stop for lunch.

I was also stymied in my wish to exercise this week as I did something to my knee – no idea what – which is making it a bit uncomfortable, and walking around in London on it didn’t help, so I’ll wait until it is feeling fully ok before I got pounding the pavement!

So, not gloomy, positive for another good week. See you next time…

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