My #NoSpendChallenge for March

After a pretty hefty monetary start to the new year, I find myself in need of taking control of our household money again. The start to 2012 was pretty good in that respect, I did the no-spend challenge and got our shopping bills down, managed to curb unnecessary spending and things seemed to tick along ok. My problem is that I’m lazy and that laziness has started to creep in and means that where I was religiously meal planning, I seem to have decided that cooking is shit and why not live on takeaway? Although I’m not trying to apportion blame, my kids really don’t seem to like my cooking, so I tend to think why should I bother if it’s going to be left to go in the bin, but then working on the theory that if they don’t try it they won;t know, I’m going to give the meal planning and proper cooking another go.

I read Penny Golightly’s Jump Start 2013 book – unsurprisingly – back in January, but since I already had so much money etc committed to car expenses and various other things I didn’t feel it was worth a go, so I’m going to try it in March and see how we get on…

My main motivation for sorting our money out is that we had built up a nice little sum in savings over 2012 and a lot of that has been consumed by Christmas, which I expected, but we also seem to be using it monthly which is not a trend I wish to encourage. How will we ever have that nice holiday or whatever if we’re using our savings to live?

So, I am now mid-meal and shopping plan, and hope to reduce our exorbitant shopping bill, although I know tomorrow will be a biggie as we’ve virtually NOTHING, since we didn’t have any money at the end of last month to buy anything! If I can get the bill under £100 I’ll consider it a successful trip, but in future weeks I reckon £60 should be the limit for us. I’ll update when I’ve been tomorrow.

Update: I spent a ridiculous £131.11 on shopping. This did include some health and beauty products, all my laundry products and stocked up the larder which had gone almost bare, so next week should be better!

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