My 5:2 Diet Journey, Week 4 #52Diet

This Week’s Stats:

Weight: 16st 8.4lbs
BMI: 36.5
Body Fat %: 36.8
Total Weight Loss: 5lbs

Hurray! A bit more positive this week – with the assistance of a nasty tummy bug, I’ve lost about 4lbs, 5lbs total. Ok, so it’s not the way I would’ve chosen to lose weight, but I’m hoping that it will give me a bit of the spur I need to carry on in the right direction. I’ve already had a good fast day this week (Monday), and am trying the new strategy of not going completely mad on a feed day and actually eating sensibly, as I think I was just eating too much and the wrong stuff before.

I am also hoping that being more mindful of meal planning and shopping will help keep an eye on exactly what we’re all eating and avoid ‘what’s in the freezer’ moments which, sadly, have been all too frequent this year.

Until next week Fat Fighters :0)

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