My 5:2 Diet Journey, Weeks 6 & 7 #52Diet

Last Week’s Stats:

Weight: 16st 8lbs
BMI: 36.4
Body Fat %: 34.8
Total Weight Loss: 5lbs

This Week’s Stats:

Weight: 16st 10lbs
BMI: 36.8
Body Fat %: 37.3
Total Weight Loss: 3lbs

Man alive! I am such a crap dieter! After an initially positive week last week, during which I forgot to post my stats (idiot), I had a poor week, in which I managed only one fast day and put on 2lb. Some of this was down to excessive chocolate consumption over the Easter period, but no real excuse. I may have to institute the chocolate ban again, as I did so well with it last time. I am, however, going out for an afternoon tea on 20th April, so I don’t know whether chocolate delights will be on offer – I suspect so! In light of this, I’ll commit to no chocolate until 20th April and see how I go.

Ah well, onwards and upwards, at least I’ll be getting a bit more exercise during the holidays, running around after the children ;0)

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4 Responses to My 5:2 Diet Journey, Weeks 6 & 7 #52Diet

  1. Steph West says:

    Well this indicates something pretty cool – if you do 2 fast days you lose weight, if you only do one you don’t. Pretty good motivation to keep going! 😀

  2. Boysmum2 says:

    I have just read about this 5:2 diet in a book the other day, sounds interesting and I may try it to mix up my WW diet, may just push me to get rid of the extra kilos I am aiming to loose.

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