N is for… Names #AtoZChallenge

As my family tree expands, more and more names are added to it, so I am focusing on a few of them at the moment.

These are:

Mitchell was my maiden name and although my Dad was born locally, his father was originally from the Huddersfield area of Yorkshire. I am trying to find members of the family in that area, and possibly descendants of Grandad’s brother Eric.

My paternal Grandmother’s maiden name was Males and I believe that branch of the family comes from the Hertfordshire area, but I keep hitting brick walls with them.

My Mum’s maiden name was Martin and I’m looking for Martins in the the Surrey/London area. As I said yesterday, I have located James Martin in the Army Medical Corps at the time of his marriage, and I think his father was from Liverpool but, again, a lot of brick walls with this one given the common surname!

These are the surnames I am most interested in looking at, although I do have another for my S post!


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  1. Trisha says:

    There are a few Ms in my family too, but only first names – Marcus & Matthew are two of my cousins.

  2. Hmm… I’ve never dug much into my family tree, but I’ve always been fascinated by the names I know about; Kenworthy, which is my birth surname, Poppleton and Winfield on my mother’s side, (or is it Winnfield?)

    I’m actually not sure about the maiden name of my Granny. Will have to ask around about that.

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