P is for… Photograph Storage #AtoZChallenge

As I have gone about my research, I have found some really lovely pictures that I want to keep, but the majority remain in a box and poorly looked after. I know that these photos will begin to degrade, some have already where they have been kept with others which are mounted on a backing board that is chock-full of acid, so I wanted to pick your brains about photo storage.

I suppose the best way would be to scan them all and store on hard drive or in the Cloud (oooooh), but for me you can’t beat real photos that you can look at and handle, so any advice? Any photographers out there who can recommend a foolproof system for storage and preservation?

I was going to link to some places where I;ve seen storage, but a) I don’t want to influence anyone and b) it’s late and I’m tired!

Comment away dear friends!


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  1. Cath says:

    All I know is that is should be acid & lignin free (whatever lignin is!) but as to what how or where from, I don’t know. Sorry!

  2. good question
    1) kept away from direct sunlight
    I know people who have them alphabetical or by year in boxes
    mine are in huge containers (unfiled)

    nice to meet you thru A to Z

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