S is for… Stratton #AtoZChallenge

I’ve told you some of the surnames I am researching, but Stratton (or sometimes Stratten) is one of the big ones. Stratton is my Nan’s maiden name, and since she is still with us, I am trying to do some work on her family so I can share it with her.

I did have some photos to show you of the basis of my research on this family, but buggered if I can find them now, so I’ll just tell you about them. My Nan has an old family Bible at her house and the details inside are of her Grandfather, Jesse Stratten, and his immediate family. I can’t say whether the Bible is 19th Century, or whether it was bought and filled in later on, but it has allowed me to fill out birth and marriage details for my Great Grandfather and his brothers, plus identify their sister who died in infancy. It also had a date of death for my 2x Great Grandmother, Elizabeth, which led me down the path of a second marriage for Jesse Stratten.

In researching the Stratten family on ancestry.co.uk, I have been in touch with a lady named Rosemary in Australia, who is related to me – her mother is my Nan’s cousin, but they have ever met, and because Rosemary’s mum is older than Nan, she has been able to fill in some details and memories of the Strattens too, and also her branch of the family.

My current research is to find out about George Stratten, my Great Grandfather, who was actually born as Alfred Tom – very confusing – and his time in WW1. I have a photo of him in uniform which I took to Who Do You Think You Are Live! (more on that later) and spoke to a military expert about, so I discovered some more information to help me there.

As I said, I have more to add on my W post, so I’ll leave you now with 2 photos of George Stratten – one of him as a young man and one of him later in life.

George Stratten as a young man, circa 1910

George Stratten as a young man, circa 1910

George Stratten later in life, I think this was taken in Jersey.

George Stratten later in life, I think this was taken in Jersey.

ps sorry for the late posting, been very busy!!


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