V is for… Victoria Cross Trust #AtoZChallenge

Although the Victoria Cross Trust doesn’t strictly have anything to do with my family history, as I don’t have a Victoria Cross recipient in my tree, I’d like to just touch upon the charity as I feel that the work they are doing is really important, but because it is not a ‘fashionable’ charity, they are struggling for donations.

VCT LogoAs I’ve already said, the Commonwealth War Graves Commission does a tremendous job maintaining the graves of those personnel who have died in every war since World War 1, but what about those who have received this Country’s highest award for bravery, but have died after their service has ended? These graves are the responsibility of the families, and where those families have died out, or become unaware that they have a VC holder in their ancestry, these graves are in danger of becoming derelict.

The VC Trust aims to restore each of these graves and maintain them in the future, but anyone who has ever buried a relative will know the costs involved in having a headstone erected, let alone maintaing the headstone through the years.

The charity’s most recent project was to restore the grave of Clifford Coffin VC which was near-derelict in East Sussex, and the project was completed with a rededication of his grave earlier this month.

I have become a member of the charity and would like to do more for them given the time as there are 18 VC graves in Dorset in various states of repair.

To find out more about the VC Trust, please take a look at their website, or follow them on Twitter.


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