X is for… X Marks The Spot #AtoZChallenge

A bit of a cheat, with few options for the letter X, so I just thought I’d write a few words about why I like family history. I really love discovering new things about my family, new connections to places and events in history. For instance, in my paternal Grandad’s family, I found a man who worked at what was called an asylum back in 1911, but on the other side of that family, there was a man who owned his own painting and carpentry firm and employed 10 people – it’s a shame that business didn’t grow and pass a bit of money down!

The discovery that I had a relative that died in World War 1 was really exciting, and the more I learn about him, the more rewarding it is to learn about the war in general, and every new discovery I make about my Grandfathers’ war records fills in more of my impressions about them before I was even born.

I’ve made some connections to Liverpool, where my husband’s family originates, so if I can prove them, I think it’ll be fun to think our families come from a similar place – but maybe that’s just me!!

Only two letters left to go in this challenge – thank goodness!!


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