Book Review: Like This, For Ever by S.J. Bolton

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know that I was thrilled a while ago to discover the Lacey Flint series of books, which started brilliantly with ‘Now You See Me‘ and continued with ‘Dead Scared‘. I have to confess that I read the third book in the series ‘Like This, For Ever‘ a while ago, but am only just now getting round to review – a total oversight on my part as I found it just as gripping as the first two books.

Like-This-ForeverLacey Flint is back, and this time she is being drawn into the case of a serial killer who is kidnapping and then killing young boys. It’s only a short while since Lacey was mixed up in a case in Cambridge that nearly cost her her life, so is she ready to be flung back in at the deep end?

Unfortunately Lacey has no choice as Barney, her neighbour’s son, has nowhere else to turn but to her – and he’s horribly afraid that it will happen again, and that he knows more about the killings than he should.

As I said, I’m a total convert to the Lacey Flint books. I read a lot of crime fiction, but S. J. Bolton is able to write some of the least predictable twists and turns that you’ll ever read! The book keeps you guessing constantly – something is revealed that makes you think how bloody clever you are, then it turns out that you’ve still got it all wrong.

Obviously I was also hooked to the book thanks to the complicated relationship between Lacey and Mark Joesbury. There’s never been a fictional couple who are more right for each other, but both of them have baggage that they can’t seem to ignore. I read on S. J. Bolton’s blog that her editor said in the next book they need to ‘do it’, but I can’t help wondering if the dynamic would be too much of a change if they did. In some ways it would be totally right, but you just can’t seem to see Lacey in a happy place!

Another thing I liked about this book was seeing parts of it from Barney’s perspective – a murder case from an adult’s point of view is pretty baffling, but it was interesting to see the conclusions made by a child.

As an aside, while reading Dead Scared, I noticed in the back an advert for a Lacey Flint short story, ‘If Snow Hadn’t Fallen‘, and I have yet to see it advertised anywhere else, so was glad I didn’t miss it. The short story slots between the first and second books and if you do miss it then it’s not going to affect your reading pleasure, but it really did give some interesting insights into Lacey’s thoughts after the Jack the Ripper case in ‘Now You See Me’ and it also shows you a few details about her and Joesbury, so well worth a look. It’s only in Kindle format and only £1.89 (at the time of writing) so well worth a punt.

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