Our Entry for Kids Capture the Colour #KIDSCTC

After the success of their ‘Capture the Colour’ competition last year, Travel Supermarket has decided to give the kids a turn with ‘Kids Capture the Colour‘, a photo competition for the little ones. Travel Supermarket kindly supplied us with a Fujifilm camera and I let my eldest son loose with it to take pictures of whatever he fancied over our summer holidays.


I’ll be the first to admit that some of the pictures were terrible! Fingers over lenses, wonky, out of focus, you name it, but I think some of the pictures he took were pretty good for a five year old and, hopefully, he’ll keep on going with it as he really did enjoy having the freedom to snap away.

So, the photos we’ve chosen to enter are:



We went to see Chris and Pui’s Roadshow this year at the Bournemouth Pavilion, I went with Biggest Boy last year, but it was the first time I’ve been to a theatre with both children. It was a really fun show and they had a great time, after a few initial reservations about it being so dark!



Frankly, this could have been green or blue too, but Biggest Boy was taking the picture of the balloon. This was actually on the same day as our theatre trip, as he was excited to come outside and be so close to the balloon as he’s not been quite so near it before.



One of Biggest Boy’s favourite things is the Brio train set, so he wanted to add this photo of our little green station. Sadly it’s a little out of focus, but this was taken very early on in his photo-taking, so not too bad I thought!



Biggest Boy came running in before taking this picture and grabbed the camera, telling me to come and look, and he wanted to take a photo of all the birds in the sky – don’t know what they were doing, but there were so many of them just swooping around.



Over the holidays, we happened upon the Bournemouth Aviation Museum. We’ve not been there before, but would definitely go again as it’s the type of museum where they let you climb on stuff and twiddle with switches and things like that. One of their exhibits is this Coastguard helicopter which both kids absolutely LOVED! They can climb in the top and pretend to fly, or sit underneath and pretend they’ve been rescued!

And Finally…


This is not necessarily entered into the competition, but I thought it had all of the colours in it that are in the competition, and why not a gratuitous picture of the Red Arrows??

Note: We were sent a Fuji camera for the purposes of this competition, but everything here is our own work and all photos were taken by my Son, aged 5.

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