Meal Planning Monday – 30th September 2013 – #MealPlanningMonday

Yikes! Having looked at my blog quickly I can see that meal plans seem to be all I’m on about at the moment – ah well, at least one thing in my life is under control.

Here is the (uninspiring) food that we’ll be eating this week:

Monday – Sausage and croquettes
Tuesday – Pork Burgers
Wednesday – Fish & Chips (freezer)
Thursday – Pasta in creamy sauce
Friday – Roast Turkey
Saturday – Salmon and Hollandaise Sauce
Sunday – Hubby’s Birthday Takeaway

I’m hoping to start raiding the recipe books a bit more as we seem to be eating the same old same old, but then I tried a new recipe last week (Sausage and Butterbean Pie) and while Biggest Boy and I liked it, the other two did not. I refuse to cook two meals every time, so we’re back to tried and tested this week…

For more inspiring food than mine, take a look at this week’s linky at At Home with Mrs M – and send good cooking vibes for next week please!!


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  1. Kim Carberry says:

    Everything sounds great!!
    Happy birthday to your hubby x

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