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When it comes to drinks, evenings out for me can be a bit dull. Ok, so I’ll have the occasional Peroni, but on the whole I’m alcohol free and since giving up drinking Diet Coke, I usually end up with plain old lemonade. This was why I was interested to try ZEO, a new soft drink from Russia that uses natural fruit flavours and Stevia sweetener to create a tingly drink sensation.

ZEO Group Spritzed 2[1][1]Available in three flavours, Zest, Crush and Burst, I hoped that ZEO would provide an interesting new alternative to lemonade and, on the whole, it does deliver.

My favourite flavour was Burst, the peach and grapefruit variant. The grapefruit here was subtle and I liked that as I’m not a grapefruit fan. The fizz is just right to make this a long drink and for spirit drinkers I can see this as a fruity mixer.

I wasn’t all that keen on the Zest variant, which is a lime flavour, but the Crush (orange, lemon and lime) was very nice.

ZEO is currently available in WH Smith stores and via Ocado (normally £4.29, but currently on offer for £3.21 for four bottles), among other suppliers and it’s very reasonably priced alongside other drinks in this area.

Definitely a contender in the style stakes, the design of the bottle has clearly been thoroughly thought out, but it’ll be interesting to see if they follow their competitors e.g. Bottlegreen in producing larger bottles for the home.

Hopefully ZEO will become more widely available – there are currently no please stocking it in a 40 mile radius of home – as I’d definitely buy the Burst variant instead of my plain old lemonade.

Please note: I was sent three bottle of ZEO to try and comment on, but all opinions are, as ever, my own.

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