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Nickie at I am Typecast is currently running a competition with asking who you would most like to interview and why. I usually stick my selections in for those ‘fantasy dinner parties’ and although the guests at those usually change with the weather, the one who seems to crop up the most is Mr Stephen Fry.

Stephen Fry talks about his 2012 suicide attempt - video

The reason I find him so fascinating is several-fold. For the most part I see him as basically a very fine actor and comedian, but I also like the honesty with which he has approached his depression and his sexuality in a completely unapologetic fashion that everyone can learn a thing or two from. He is also a tireless campaigner on many issues including, but not limited to mental health and wildlife conservation and many of the programmes he has made have highlighted that.

Another huge thing that admire about him is that he, seemingly, does know everything. I am an avid quizzer and love to absorb general knowledge and trivia, but I could only boast a fraction of the the knowledge that he has in his head and at his disposal.

I’m not entirely sure what job I’d be interviewing him for – if I had the money I’ve love to just pay him to hang around with me all day, so maybe I shall interview him for that!

I’d love to ask him some serious questions, like how he copes with the constant demands of fame given his mental health, or what he would do about the worsening situation for the LGBT community in Russia, but these questions are much better saved until he is my ‘Pal for Hire’, so in his interview I would ask him:

– What’s your favourite thing to do when hanging out with someone?
– If you could take one book with you to a desert island, what would it be?
– Do you like Musical Theatre?
– If you could have played one role, what would it have been?
– Will there ever be another series of Blackadder?
– If you could only choose one, what would it be, knowledge/strength/vision?

Obviously, since I’d basically pay HIM to be my ‘Pal for Hire’ of course he’d get the job!

If you want to enter the competition too, then take a look at Nickie’s interview questions for HM the Queen!

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