Book Review: Killer Queens by Rebecca Chance

I’d certainly like to kid myself that I only read literary waffle and very high brow stuff, but I do have to confess that one of my favourite books is Polo by Jilly Cooper. When I was sent Killer Queens I therefore assumed that it would be in keeping with Aunt Jilly and her saucy bonkbusters of old, but my goodness was I in for a surprise. Rebecca Chance makes Jilly Cooper look like a maiden aunt as this book – and I assume her other titles – is full-on, make-your-eyes-water stuff, putting it very mildly!

KQThe title ‘Killer Queens’ refers to the three lead, female characters, all women who have married or who will be marrying into European royalty – Belinda is a Princess Di figure, but in this case she has faked her death to escape a murder plot designed to keep her from talking about her marriage to Prince Oliver, the heir to the British throne. Meanwhile, Chloe Rose, a commoner (!) is soon to marry Prince Hugo, Oliver and Belinda’s son, and as she deals with the press, her Fiance’s upper-class meany friends and her own self-doubt, Belinda is desperate to come out of hiding to see her son get married.

The third royal lady is Lori Markarwicz, a Volleyball player from Small-Town America, who has been selected as a potential wife and romanced at the London Olympics by a mysterious European Prince, but nothing is as straightforward as it seems.

Overall I’d say I did enjoy this book – it was quite good fun to imagine all this goes on behind Royal closed doors and, in fact at one point an Editor has missed that the party Prince, Prince Toby must have originally been called Harry (they’ve left his name in the text) – no guesses for who he was modelled after.

This is nothing more than a fun, sometimes funny and actually sometimes quite touching, escapist book with a very, very, VERY generous smattering of raunch, which could really teach 50 shades a thing or two – Killer Queens is certainly written better…

I didn’t realise that Rebecca Chance had quite such a big back catalogue, but I’d definitely buy another of her books if I saw it – just like Jilly, Rebecca Chance writes very easy-to-read, enjoyable books that should be taken at their face value.

Please Note: I was sent a copy of this book for review, but the views are entirely my own. They are in no way influenced by the small, glittery cardboard tiara I was sent with the book and may have spent a wee bit too long trying on in front of the mirror…

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