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A couple of months ago I was asked to review a T-shirt printed by and I wondered what exactly I could talk about given that I rarely have the need to order 20 printed t-shirts, but then I thought to myself I see 20 kids in uniform every time I take the Small One to preschool, so with this in mind, I felt a lot happier that this was relevant to us.

Although initially, the offered to send an adult-sized shirt, I asked (rather cheekily) if I could review a child’s shirt and they kindly agreed. I got a shirt for Biggest Boy and when it arrived I think we were both happy with it as it has a really cute funky monkey design on it:


The shirt itself is very good quality and, after 2 months of washing and wearing and washing again and baked bean spillages and washing etc etc it still looks as good as new and funky monkey is still smiling away with no splits or cracks in the design. offer a wide range of T-shirts and can print your own design on anything from 20 to 100,000 t-shirts, and if all of them are up to the high standard of the shirt we tried, then they’re definitely worth a shout. As for the preschool angle, my 5 year old wore and wore the t-shirt with no ill effects to the logo, so it would be well worth looking at and I’d guess printing is a lot cheaper than embroidered logos.

You can take a look at their website to see the whole range of items you can have personalised and there is also a link to a complete garment catalogue which I’m sure would be useful too.

Overall we’re very pleased with the quality and design of the shirt, so if you’re in need of a quantity of personalised items, for business purposes or, say a hen do, it’s well worth giving them a try.

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