Review: Pidy Ready-to-Fill Canapés

Pastry maker Pidy is already well known in the catering and food service industry, with a long history of producing pastry products to its award winning pastry recipe that the Pidy family initially created in their patisserie shop in Ypres, Belgium back in 1952. Pidy is now launching an interesting range of ready-to-fill pastry products to the home market and I was asked to try three of the variants.

IMAG1045I was quite pleased to get some of the Pidy Vol-au-Vent cases, as I do enjoy a nice volly from time to time, but on getting these out of the packet, I realised that they were monsters! I was expecting something a lot smaller as we had discussed canapés, but I think these were more suited to being a side dish or starter – certainly not the small mouthful that Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry were looking for on GBBO!

I decided to go retro and fill the cases with prawns and marie rose sauce, and serve with sliced avocado and they were delicious. My only issue with the vol-au-vents was that, given their size, they were a little dry, but they tasted very nice.

IMAG1044Next up were Pidy Spoonettes – arguably the most intriguing of the three products.

Now these spoon-shaped pastries really were a mouthful, rather than giant, and a cute serving idea. I decided to top them with salmon mousse and some finely chopped smoked salmon. As you can see from the picture, I did err on the side of generous with the mousse, which was a good choice I think as the pasty/topping ratio was pretty much there. I hate to try and use a compliment sandwich here, but I did have a problem with the Spoonettes, in that out of a pack of 12, most of them were broken – their little spoony tails snapped right off, so really if you were trying to impress, only five or six were useable. Packaging definitely something to sort out.

IMAG1043Finally, we tried the Veggie Cups, which are made with 30% natural vegetable juice and with no artificial colours or flavours. We were sent the beetroot variant, but they do also come in Carrot, Celeriac and Spinach. These were also a nice size for canapés and I decided to pipe chocolate mousse into them and add some chocolate shavings. If you’re thinking beetroot and chocolate is weird, trust me it goes really well together.

The cups themselves were light, slightly sweet in taste and that beautiful, rich beetroot colour and I would have been interested to see what the carrot flavour comes up like – I imagine them to be almost neon!

Overall I’d say I was impressed with the products, and would’ve been moreso had the Spoonettes survived in transit! Once you’ve decided on fillings, they’re quick and easy to prepare, just pipe or spoon away and you’re done within five minutes and ready to eat.

I know my lovely friend at Jay’s Insight has also reviewed these products, and she had some alternative ideas for fillings.


Note: I was sent samples of Pidy products to try, but the opinions and retro vol-au-vent choices are, as ever, my own. Thanks to food PR agency CLIP Creative and PR for the samples.

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