Review: Quality Street Green Triangle Desserts

I’m lucky enough to be asked to review a fair few bits and bobs, but goodness me – when I was asked to review the new Quality Street Green Triangle desserts, I was pleased as punch!

If you’re a Quality Street afficionado – much like myself – you’ll know that the ‘Green Triangles’ are a chocolate and hazelnut noisette, wrapped in chocolate and the Green Triangle dessert does a pretty decent job of mimicking the flavour of the sweet, but in a mousse.


It was quite handy that, at the same time as being asked to review the dessert, I was also asked to review some pastry products, so I combined the two and piped the mousse into a beetroot-flavoured pastry canape case and they went very well together:


As a dessert, the Green Triangle was lovely – hazelnutty without being too fake, and of course being chocolate it was just my thing. The only trouble is the go down a bit too well – it’s quite tempting after the first to have another one!.

We only tried the Green Triangle, but my old man spotted the Toffee Penny version a few months ago and that has been a pretty permanent fixture in our fridge ever since!

The Green Triangle desserts are available from yor major supermarkets, priced at £1.19 for 2 or £1.98 for four – although Asda had the two packs on offer recently for 50p – well worth a try.

Note: I was provided with sample packs of Quality Street Green Traingle dessert pots in exchange for a reivew, but all opinions are, as ever, my own.

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