Book Review: A Place for Us by Harriet Evans (Part 1)

The day Martha Winter set in motion the chain of events that would tear apart her own family began like any other…

Siblings Bill, Florence and Daisy Winter are alarmed when they receive an invitation to their mother’s 80th birthday party. It’s this line that worries them: ‘There will be an important announcement’. What on earth has their mother planned now? Life’s hard enough as it is without anything else to upset the applecart.

Florence will have to make a special trip back home – she ran away to Italy almost twenty years ago, and buried herself in her history of art studies in order to forget her troublesome family. It’s not been so easy for Bill. He’s stayed close to his parents, like the good son he is. As the trusted village doctor, he is loved by all, his wife excepted. She’s playing away…

And what of Daisy? No-one dares speak of her. She ran away from the Winter home years ago, leaving a baby girl, Cat. Cat’s all grown-up now, despite never having had a mother. By bringing them all together for a big announcement, the Winter family will be forced, for the first time ever, to lay the ghosts of the past to rest…

A Place For usWhat I Thought:

A Place for Us by Harriet Evans will not actually be out in paperback until 2015, but I was asked to review an alternative format – that of a series of 4 exclusive ebooks, designed to whet the appetite in small and easily digestible chunks.

The idea of serial books is not new – it was the way to do things in the 19th Century and I remember fondly buying and reading The Green Mile as it was slowly released bit by bit. I think it’s a real novelty in this era of instant entertainment to have a book delivered in this way, and it did make the first part very easy to read.

Part one of A Place for Us was appropriately mysterious, there are the characters within the Winter family, but there are also some shadowy characters introduced that we hope we will see again, if only to wrap up that story thread. We’ve already been shown some of the secrets withing the Winter family, but I’m sure there are many more to come before Martha has finished with them.

I can’t really say much without giving a spoiler, but this part of the novel ends on a total bombshell and I’m quite eager to find out a bit more – but I’ll have to wait until 28th August to find out more!

I’ve not read any of Harriet Evans’ books before, but I thoroughly enjoyed this small section of one and look forward to reading the next.

Note: I was given a free e-copy of this book to review, but all opinions on the book are honest and my own.

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