– Price Tracking just in time for Xmas.

I know, I said it, the ‘C’ word (well, technically the ‘X’ word). Christmas is coming up, so it’s time to start thinking about Christmas lists. We’ve already received one from Biggest Boy, which includes mention of Lego and a new bike and adds up to several hundred pounds (he’ll be lucky!). This is why, when the lovely people at got in touch to ask me to have a look at their price tracking site, I was happy to oblige. allows you to track the online prices of the items you’re looking to buy at dozens of retailers with very little interaction from you. Simply create a list of the products you’re tracking and that’s it – you’ll receive an alert when the price drops on one of your items, allowing you to get the best price every time. My first list (of many I’m sure!) is tracking Lego. I’ve got my eye on the Lego City Advent calendar and a few of the Lego Movie Lego sets so, hopefully, by the time I’m ready to buy I should be able to save myself some cash.

To show me how good Suppose is, they very kindly sent me a copy of Frozen on DVD, purchased from the retailer currently offering the best deal – £10 instead of £15. As you can see, the price has recently dropped – I’d guess in preparation for Christmas – but if you’ve been tracking the DVD for a while, now is the time to buy!


Speaking as a confirmed Bargain Bin shopper, £10 for Frozen, which hasn’t been out for that long on DVD is a pretty good price and, I suspect, the DVD will be getting a lot of use – as will Now, where did I put that Christmas list…

Please Note: I was sent a copy of Frozen on DVD in exchange for posting an honest review of Having used the site, all opinions are based on my own experience and are, as ever, my own.

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