My Running Diary – Sat 26th October 2014 – Poole Parkrun



Distance: 5.10k

Time: 40.23

Determined Woman sprint-finish beaten by: 1

Post-run Brekkie:


Running Playlist Highlight:

I was dead chuffed to get a pb of 40.23 for this Parkrun – especially given that the first time I ran/walked at a Parkrun, my time was 55 minutes! It’s definitely very different when you’re running amongst people, and not just straggling along in front of the tail runners, but it’s a great feeling to discover that you can now actually run the whole 5k – however slowly – and that when you ask your body to do something, like pick up the pace a bit, it can actually respond.

The weather was pretty good, cloudy sky, but not too cold and not too much wind. This was a reverse Parkrun (i.e. clockwise around the lake, as opposed to the normal anti-clockwise) and usually I do worse on those as they’re not my favourite, so perhaps next time I can hope to get sub 40 minutes??

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