Book Review: Bungalows by Kathryn Ferry

What seems like a very long time ago now (apologies Kathryn, VERY tardy!) I had the opportunity to read and review a book that proves that good things often come in small packages. Kathryn Ferry’s book, Bungalows, is itself a diminutive title, and talks about these sometimes small homes and the history of the bungalow, from exotic Victorian retreat, to the archetypal suburban dwelling.

bungalowBook I found the book personally interesting as family and local history is something of a hobby and the chapters about post-WW2 reconstruction and the growth of ‘self assembly’ homes were particularly of note – the concept of buying your home through a mail order catalogue these days just seems so foreign, but then with the wealth of things for sale online these days, who knows we may go back the other way!

There was also some information about bungalows which have now been protected by The Landmark Trust, including Castle Bungalow at Peppercombe, North Devon, which is now available to hire as holiday accommodation. Definitely one to have a look at, for the views alone.

Bungalows is published by Shire Library and is available from Amazon. Be sure to take a look at Kathryn’s website for more information about this book and her other titles, including those about Victorian and Seaside Architecture.

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