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It comes to my attention that I’ve not written a running diary in a while. I don’t think I’m really the diarist type, I’m more of a ‘will write something down when there is something on my mind’ sort of person. Hence today.

I went running ‘in the wild’ yesterday for the first time in a while (fear not! I have been treadmill running too) and my goodness what a killer! I don’t know whether I’ve got used to the bounciness of the treadmill, or I’ve just not been pushing myself, but I think I will have to go a few sessions back into C25K as I struggled to run the full half hour in one go.

I remain buoyant, however, as I am one week away from my Slimming World Silver Body Magic award, so I shall persevere.

I had signed up for Jantastic this year, a website that lets you set goals (minimum 3 runs per week) for the first few months of the year to get you motivated, but I’m afraid it didn’t work for me – it just left me feeling guilty if I couldn’t get out and that’s no way to keep up a fitness regime.

Back to the gym tomorrow for another treadmill run – perhaps it will be a bit easier!

This is my last treadmill run:


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