Book Review: Don’t Ever Get Old by Daniel Friedman

71UvYFIHUKLWhen Buck Schatz, senior citizen and retired Memphis cop, learns that an old adversary may have escaped Germany with a fortune in stolen gold, Buck decides to hunt down the fugitive and claim the loot. But a lot of people want a piece of the stolen treasure, and Buck’s investigation quickly attracts unfriendly attention from a very motley (and murderous) crew.

What I Thought:

I love a bit of crime fiction, and most of what I read tends to be a bit dark. Don’t Ever Get Old has all the best elements of crime fiction, but the ingenious hook is that our hero, Buck Schatz, is 87 years old. Despite his age, and a determined effort NOT to investigate the claims made by his old Army buddy, Buck is drawn in to a search of Nazi gold, which could put him, his beloved wife and his young sidekick in mortal danger. But what is an ex-cop to do – especially one from the ‘golden age’ of policing, when what went on in the interrogation room was no-one’s business as long as arrests were made??

This is what makes this book so unique – it has present day elements, but Buck tries to lean back on his old methods that, sometimes, don;t chime with the way things are done these days.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book, and thought Buck was a unique and engaging lead character. He may be a dinosaur, but he is loveable in his own way, regardless of his bellyaching. It’s well worth reading if you can get hold of it, but it does seem to be somewhat scarce in this country, hence, quite an expensive buy.

eCopy courtesy of Netgalley.

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