Book Review: The Bookshop Book by Jen Campbell

1251161Every bookshop has a story

We’re talking about bookshops in barns, disused factories, converted churches and underground car parks. Bookshops on boats, on buses and in old run-down railway stations.

From the oldest bookshop in the world, to the smallest you could imagine, The Bookshop Book explores the history of books, talks to authors about their favourite places, and looks at more than three hundred weirdly wonderful bookshops across six continents. (Sadly, we’ve yet to build a bookshop down in the South Pole).

This book is a love letter to bookshops all around the world.

What I Thought:
It’s very simple – I loved it! I could spend hours and hours in a good bookshop and, thanks to The Bookshop Book, I now have a list as long as my arm of unique bookshops to visit.

There are some quite fascinating bookshops and their owners to read about, all of whom are trying their damnedest to keep the bookshop alive and well in the modern age. The good news – or so it seems from this book – is that they are largely succeeding. That’s not to say that they are in it for the money – I don’t think anyone starts a bookshop to get rich – but rather they are in it for the sheer joy of having beautiful books in their shops, and helping them find a new home.

I read the book as an e-book, which really emphasised the point of the book, and the bookshop, as I didn’t feel that the photos came across as well on my Kindle – yet another reason to pick up a proper, bulky, hold-in-your-hand book!

eCopy received from Netgalley.

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