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Ally Hughes Has Sex SometimesLife is a juggling act for single mother Ally Hughes. Between the classes she teaches at the local university, a monster of a boss, a home that’s falling apart at the seams and a young daughter who doesn’t miss a trick, there isn’t time for anything else in Ally’s life. Especially romance.

Then she meets Jake, and for one incredible, mind-blowing weekend, anything seems possible. But timing is everything and as the weekend draws to a close, fate is not on Ally’s side.

Ten years later, and fate has Jake knocking at Ally’s front door. Now the one that got away is back, and Ally has some serious decision-making to do…

Is there such a thing as perfect timing? Or is love always a game of chance?

What I Thought:
If ever there was a novel that I could instantly imagine on screen, then this is it! But then, given Jules Moulin’s former career as a writer on hit TV shows Party of Five and The West Wing, you might expect an almost visual quality to her book. That certainly isn’t to say that Ally Hughes Has Sex Sometimes doesn’t work as a book – it most definitely does – and it is a really charming romance.

Ally is a ‘real’character – she is a single mother, struggling to balance her daughter, her demanding mother and two jobs, one of which may just get her fired from the other. Throw on top of this a meeting with the handsome and charismatic boy who has been sitting in the back of her class for the past few years and her world is turned upside down.

As a couple, it’s easy to want good things for Ally and Jake, and I had the feeling of wanting to bang their heads together as they ummed and ahhed about whether they should be together – it’s clearly obvious that they should be – but it’s not frustrating as they are just so darn engaging!

So it’s a hearty recommendation from me for this book, and the fervent hope that I will soon see it on screen…

This post is a stop on the Ally Hughes Has Sex Sometimes blog tour. There are plenty more lovely people saying good things about this book, so please take a look at the poster below and give them a visit.

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