Book Review: Nowhere Child by Rachel Abbott

Hi folks! It’s been ages since I last did a review, but I have definitely been reading a lot in the interim, so loads of reviews coming up! The first book I’d like to bring to your attention is Nowhere Child by Rachel Abbott. You might remember that I took part in a blog tour earlier in the year for Rachel’s novel, Stranger Child – well the good news if you enjoyed that book, is that Rachel has revisited the characters in Stranger Child in this new novella.

As Rachel noted when she emailed me, a lot of her readers had been curious as to what happened to Tasha when Stranger Child ended, so she has come up with the answer!

27108551Someone is looking for Tasha. But does she want to be found?

Eight months ago Tasha Joseph ran away, and her stepmother, Emma, has been searching for her ever since. She is desperate to give Tasha the home and security she deserves.

The problem is, Emma isn’t the only one looking for Tasha. The police are keen to find her too. She could be a vital witness in a criminal trial, and DCI Tom Douglas has a team constantly on the lookout for her. But Tasha remains hidden, and nobody appears to have seen her.

Suddenly, the stakes are raised. Somebody is offering money – a lot of money – for information about Tasha’s whereabouts.

Tom and Emma know they have never been closer to finding the young girl. But they also recognise that she has never been closer to danger. Can they find her first?

She can run – but for how long can she hide?

What I Thought:
I was definitely one of those wondered what had happened to Tasha after Stranger Child, and while you can speculate all you like, Tasha is ultimately Rachel Abbott’s character, so it’s great to know that she felt that Tasha’s story was unfinished. The novella format works really well with Tasha’s story – there is enough there for a shorter format, but a whole novel might have lost focus somewhat.

As with Stranger Child, I really enjoyed Rachel’s writing style and the resolution of the novella was nicely done, allowing a lot of the threads to tie up.

Nowhere Child is currently available as ebook or Paperback, for a mere £1.99.

eCopy received from Rachel Abbott.

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