Event Preview: Wimborne Literary Festival, Brian Blessed #WiLF

Mucho Excitement! I posted last week about the Lisa Jewell/Lucy Clarke event that I am attending as part of the Wimborne Literary Festival, but I am equally excited to say I am going to hear Brian Blessed speak on the final day of the festival.

Brian_BlessedAs I’m sure you know, Brian Blessed played Prince Vultan in that most epic movie, Flash Gordon, but having recently read his autobiography, Absolute Pandemonium, his life and career have been wide, varied and really interesting.

I struggle with autobiographies, especially when they’re written in a ‘and then I did this, then we did that’ chronological style, but Brian Blessed writes as I can imagine he speaks, starting on one story, then going off on a tangent into another, before circling back half an hour later, and it makes for a very involving book.

As I said, this event takes place on the final day of WiLF, Saturday 21st May, and I think it’s now sold out, but I am hugely excited about listening to this extraordinarily interesting man.

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