Review: Jump Start Your Money Confidence by Penny Golightly

51Z5AKgMKnL._SL250_I wrote a while back about following Penny Golightly’s fab new book Jump Start Your Money Confidence and applying it to my daily life. Through one thing and another, it fell a bit by the wayside – ironically, what was happening in my life then would have probably been helped by the tips in the book, but we live and learn eh??

I’ve only recently come back to it, and have now completed the tasks set out in the book and am a little more optimistic about our financial future.

If you’ve yet to discover Penny Golightly, she runs a money advice blog, but with an emphasis on real-world advice and tips to improve your financial situation, and less on corporate advertising and comparison services. She regularly runs a ‘Tenner Week’, where the aim is to live for a week spending no more than £10 – she does it along with you and it genuinely CAN be done. It really is worth checking out her blog if you need some advice, as it is plentiful and well set out.

So what is the point of this book, you ask? All of the advice within the book is available online, but I have yet to see it all set out in this way, a clear, 30-day programme to get you thinking more about what and how you are spending, and how you can get the most out of everyday essentials, such as utilities and finance companies.

The essential part of the programme is NOT to read the whole book in one go and then go forth and enjoy more money, but rather to do each day separately and really think about the practical tasks you are asked to undertake, making sure you understand why you are doing it and what outcome would be the best for you – be that searching for a washing machine, or making sure all your paperwork is properly filed.

As I’ve said, Jump Start Your Money Confidence is a clear, easy to follow programme that aims to get you better acquainted with your own finances, and if you follow the plan as intended, you will start to see real differences in your financial situation.

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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