Review: Geek Girl: Head Over Heels by Holly Smale

cover75711-mediumHarriet Manners knows almost every fact there is.

She knows duck-billed platypuses don’t have stomachs.
She knows that fourteen squirrels were once detained as spies.
She knows only one flag in the world features a building.

And for once, Harriet knows exactly how her life should go. She’s got it ALL planned out. So when love is in the air, Harriet is determined to Make Things Happen!
If only everyone else would stick to the script…

Has GEEK GIRL overstepped the mark, and is following the rules going to break hearts all over again?

What I Thought:
Harriet’s back! Head Over Heels is the fifth novel in the Geek Girl series, and it seems that Harriet isn’t losing any steam. She’s back (without Lion Boy, sadly) and bringing her adorable gang of family and friends with her. This time thought, Wilbur’s in a pickle and it’s down to Harriet to sort it out for him.

Once again, Holly Smale throws Harriet into some sticky situations – sometimes of her own making – and Harriet manages to come up smelling of roses…for the most part.

All of the Geek Girl books are really quick reads as they are un-put-downable! Harriet’s adventures are so jam packed but we always seem to be one step ahead of her – but she’s so loveable that that is no bad thing.

I already have the next Geek Girl novella to read, and am looking forward to the next (and final??) book.

I received a copy of the book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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