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I usually read 95-100 books a year, but tend to be reasonably free with what I’m reading, basing it on review copies received and just what I fancy. I have a serial problem in buying too many books, so there’s always lots to choose from, but I do tend to read more books that are genres or subjects I already know I like, so I sometimes worry about reading widely. Not so this year!

My lovely friend Catherine spotted this image from Better World Books in January, so we decided we would all give it a go:

So far, I’ve read in seven of those categories, and I have picked out books for a few more – this is where I would like some help – I really struggle with poetry. I have the BBC 100 most popular poems book, but I wonder if they are a bit too commercial, something everyone says they have read but they haven’t. I’d like some recommendations please…

Which poets, or which collections got you hooked on poetry? Bearing in mind, I studied some popular poetry at school, but never pick it up by choice, what is going to change that for me?

I’ll report further once I’ve finished the challenge, and hopefully do a quick list of the books I have read in each category – watch this space until December!!

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2 Responses to A Blog A Day – Better World Books Reading Challenge

  1. Catherine says:

    If you’ve not already read Sarah Crossan’s ‘One’, add that to your list, although it’s free-form and therefore not ‘traditional’ poetry. I also read Christina Rossetti’s ‘Goblin Market’ and enjoyed it – it’s one of those 60p Penguin Black Classics, so not much to spend to have a dabble in poetry!

  2. Stacey says:

    Thanks, I’ll grab One in time for YALC 🙂

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