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Morning all! After last month’s epic postathon, we’re straight off on blog tour again for a fantastic new crime novel from Candice Fox. Crimson Lake is compulsive reading, and pairs up former detective Ted Conkaffey – now suspected of abducting a child – and Amanda Pharrell, a convicted murderer now out of jail and working as a private detective.

I’ll review the book later, but Candice has kindly written a precis of the main characters in the book, just to give you a taste of what you can expect…

Ted Conkaffey: A drug squad knock-about and ordinary family man, Ted’s world is shattered when circumstances bring him within seconds of the abduction of a young girl. As Ted deals with the aftermath of being accused of this terrible crime, he finds those closest to him aren’t in his corner, and his real allies might just be the scariest people he’s ever met. Gentle, soulful and kind, Ted teaches us that sometimes good people find themselves with no one to trust.

Amanda Pharrell: When she was seventeen years old, Amanda Pharrell brutally murdered her schoolmate in a car hidden in the Cairns wetlands. It’s a fact she doesn’t deny, doesn’t excuse and doesn’t talk about. The tattooed investigator has done her time, but that doesn’t mean the stain of what she did has left her. Bizarrely behaved and decidedly tactless, Amanda is a whirlwind of craziness even the best readers will struggle to figure out.

Dr Val Gratteur: People who work with bodies have no illusions – death leaves us in our barest forms, with no beauty, no secrets, no lies to tell. Val Gratteur is an unexpected ally of Ted, but it’s her no-illusions attitude that makes her the perfect companion for Ted; she’s taking no one’s word for it that he’s guilty, but relying on facts alone.

Jake Scully: Jake Scully’s life was filled with secrets and lies, although as a writer that was his stock in trade. The big, quiet man is renowned the world over for his best-selling series, taking elements from the bible and jazzing them up with vampires and werewolves. With his glamorous wife and hard-headed son, Jake appears to have the perfect life, until something draws him out of the house one day, never to be seen again.

Crimson Lake is out on 4th May from Arrow Books. To find out more about Candice Fox, and her progress on the sequel to Crimson Lake, you can check out her website. Alternatively, you can connect with her on Twitter.

The blog tour for Crimson Lake is ongoing, so please do take a look at the other participants below:

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